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Application Inventory 3.1

It is a utility that scans your system for installed programs
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Application Inventory is a utility for Windows which lists all the programs installed on the user's computer. It offers detailed information about the programs found, such as size, version, date/times used, etc. Generic or custom searches can be made, with or without exclusions.

The program’s interface is a single window; therein, the users can set options and start searches. Before making a search, the users can apply filters to include or exclude programs. Such filter definitions can include paths or strings found in the file version information.

After performing a search, the users can decide what information about the listed programs should be displayed: e.g. the user can choose not to view version or copyright for instance. The resulting lists can be copied to the clipboard to be saved in a spreadsheet, text file, or elsewhere. In addition, the results can be printed on the spot or saved for later use.

In sum, the program's strength is that it not only builds a list of Windows programs, but also searches for .exe files and cross-references files with .lnk files.

Max Santillana
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  • Lists all installed applications
  • Generated lists can be exported
  • Filters searches
  • Details information about applications
  • Lists exe files


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